Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OK. So this was interesting. I randomly chose a picture not knowing what would appear. I decided to write something about it no matter which picture I uploaded. This is Nellie our new dog. I am not necessarily a dog person so its funny that both my old dog Vince and my new dog Nellie found their way to this blog. Nellie is not like Vince. Well I take that back. Vince was a dog. Nellie is a dog. Vince was strong. Nellie is strong. Vince could jump very high. Nellie can jump very high. Vince had hair. So does Nellie. Vince was a little shall we say crazy...Nellie is a little crazy. Vince ate dog food. Nellie eats dog food. My kids loved Vince. My kids love Nellie. I think Vince had a sense of humor and Nellie makes us laugh....But they really have nothing in common.