Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Freaked out

We had gone here to take Bryce's Senior Pictures and ended up with 300 shots of the kids and me. I guess it was picture day with mom. My niece took them and she got some great ones. When I look at these I think of all the changes we have seen, and the changes ahead. Bryce will be leaving soon and I can hardly believe its here. As a mother I am FREAKED OUT! As someone who once left home, I am excited for him. As a daughter I now understand what my parents felt. As a friend I know everyone has the smartest, cutest, bravest, most amazing child around. As a spouse I support the feelings of Bruce. As a teacher I hope that all was taught, or at least some of it sank in. And as his greatest fan I say Go Bryce, I love you so very much!

we were walking....