Friday, September 11, 2009

We had a dog named Vince. We had picked his name because he had a distinct "V" on his head. Vince was a quiet dog. He never barked. Once in a while he would whine or make weird underwater like sounds during his sleep. Even when people came to the door he would just sniff them. Most of us hate it when dogs sniff but I'm told that they can't talk so sniffing is the way they identify you since saying "Hi, Florence." would be next to impossible. Speaking of impossible, you would think that jumping a six foot fence is impossible but Vinny, as we later started calling him, could do this. He jumped all the time, right in front of us. He just liked the neighborhood. He would go to school and play with the kids, recess was always the best part of school right? Once he even went grocery shopping. We always got him back. One time he jumped while I was on the phone with my Visiting Teacher. I was still in my robe. I ran quickly outside and started pursuing him. No shoes, just my robe and the Visiting Teacher on the phone. Vince thought I was funny. He laughed and stopped running, but of course when I reached him he took off again. "I do not like to run and I do like this game!" I shouted into the phone. My Visiting Teacher hung up, although she did check on me later and we laughed. Vince did a lot of funny things and his nature was so sweet that all we could do was love him. I miss him, and its weird because I'm not a "Dog Person" or any "Pet Person" for that matter but he was like our toddler, giving us a little unexpected life here and there. Maybe I can share more stories another time, like when he climbed out the second story window and was waiting on the ledge, or when he broke through the window screen and was sitting on my leather sofa still attached to his leash. Then there was the time he walked on the fence like a cat, or the time he was hiding behind Bruce's white Sunday shirts in the closet because it was too loud on New Years Eve. Or the time he was.........

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Freaked out

We had gone here to take Bryce's Senior Pictures and ended up with 300 shots of the kids and me. I guess it was picture day with mom. My niece took them and she got some great ones. When I look at these I think of all the changes we have seen, and the changes ahead. Bryce will be leaving soon and I can hardly believe its here. As a mother I am FREAKED OUT! As someone who once left home, I am excited for him. As a daughter I now understand what my parents felt. As a friend I know everyone has the smartest, cutest, bravest, most amazing child around. As a spouse I support the feelings of Bruce. As a teacher I hope that all was taught, or at least some of it sank in. And as his greatest fan I say Go Bryce, I love you so very much!

we were walking....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ice Cream! Wow!

I have had Ice Cream more in these past six weeks than I ever had in my life. We were not an Ice Cream eating family, at least not regularly. But when life throws you a whirlwind, and the strong winds of change its amazing what Ice Cream can do. Wow! In the past 6 weeks the fabulous Bakers have faced some major changes. Life changing is good, right? 1. My Father In-Law, Roland moved in with us. (which entailed me flying back to Boston, with Vertigo, and fly him home, while my husband packs his stuff and drives across country again) 2. He has cancer. 3.We had to do minor construction to make room for him. 4. I had to move my workroom and my endless supply of fabric. 5. I took him to 8 Doctor appointments. 6. My son, Bryce graduated from High School. 7. He will be leaving for college soon. 8. End of the year awards assemblies and concerts for three different schools. 9. Mothers Day. 10. Roland has a collapsed Lung. Can't breath very well. 11. Wende, my sister has complications from Lupus. 12. Someone I love may be getting a divorce. 13. Youth Conference. 14. Attended 4 ward Conferences. 15. Made and installed 7 panels of draperies. 16. Made three diaper bags. 17. Altered 15 pair of jeans. 18. Made a Blessing Dress. 19. Altered two, very difficult, under the wire Wedding Dresses. 20. Had a tragic accident with our dog, had to put him to sleep. 21. May get sued over the dog. 22. Kids are devastaed over the dog, trying to console the kids. 23. Roland needs surgery for his Lung, will be in hospital three days. 24. Roland is depressed, needs uplifting. 25. My husband is not getting calls for work. 26. I'm not getting calls for work. 27. Scout camps coming. 28. Girls camps coming. 29. I am way, way, way behind on the housework. 30. Bruce and I celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary! And whats funny is this is probably not a complete list. But all of us, everyone I know has this sort of life, has these experiences and we keep swimming. Yeah for us! I do feel overwhelemed sometimes but there are amazing people in my life that call, stop by, give support and it makes me smile. I truly have a great family, a great support group of friends. And Roland has taught me something, having Ice Cream every day does make it all doable.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my new motto.......

Ha! Haven't quite kept up here but that's not surprising. I have never said I liked being in the lead, front of the line, on top of things, but I must say that it is good sometimes. Like when you go into Senor Taco and was first to order a shrimp burrito and then you get it first, yes, that's good. I also like the days that come around once in a while when my cleaning gets done early and there is time for reading. (Although I am able to read in a mess, just to let you know.) It's also great to finish first when there is extra dessert because then you might get extra dessert! I enjoy having things in order, done, up to date, ready to go, but I must relate, that there is something to be said for going with the flow, letting things go a little. Ease up and let someone else pick up the socks from the floor. It's not a letting go of everything or laziness, It's just a "It's OK" motto. The kids are dirty, the dog is stupid, dinner is, well, not so tasty and the car is making a weird noise, "Its OK". I am wearing a size too big for me and "Its OK".  I am missing round table tonight and "Its OK". I am going to a pyramid scheme  meeting tonight that I'm not signing up for and "Its OK". I laugh too much and cry too much. I side with the strangers at Circle K and pray for the cancer patients I know. I have known sorrow as well as great happiness. I love food and hate exercising and "Its OK". Life sends us postcards, bits of info, happy or not. Regardless of the message we can enjoy the pictures and reply to the sender, "Its OK"!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Friday, January 2, 2009

I really need to spend more time on here making this the fabulous site it should be for such a fabulous family. I have really enjoyed the time I spent with my family this Christmas season. Bryce, Madison Taylor and Brooke are such amazing (and did I mention fabulous) kids. They are always so kind and respectful to me. I must count them as my best blessing. And of course Bruce, who is a big part of why they are so fabulous. Sadly his Father just informed us he has Cancer although we are still waiting for more info on exactly whats going on, but since he is all the way over there (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) he is going to need a lot of moral support. Prayers and more prayers. We love you Roland.