Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Now. What kind of word is that? I can't believe how many people say that to me in a day. I find it very interesting just for the fact that I usually cannot do anything right now. I seem to be on the time frame of "In a little while' or "Later". Come to think of it the only thing that seems to happen on a now basis is when I need to use the restroom, and even then I sometimes have to wait!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


the sky is far away
ground is getting closer
looking up I see forever, eternity, bliss
but falling
it gets clearer i know its there
no denying life after death
but falling
grass is tall, hard to grasp what will heal
help me, help them,
slippery and falling
closer to the earth
want to rise, want to rejoice
but falling
dirt on my face, smells fresh, alive
clouds above show truth and light
rain brings clean air
tis good
but falling
hoping the mud will bring a river
to lift to another place
but falling
rushing to lower ground, out to sea
to greater depths but
waves can lift, crest, swirling on
endless, maybe
but at least not falling

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blame the Dog!

I need to be better at this blogging thing..... I really need to be better at a lot of things. It seems that we are always being reminded to up our game, so to speak. Well I'm tired. My mind knows what needs to happen. Exercise, clean, organize, donate, serve, teach, work, save, and so forth. My body says, Sleep, leave the cleaning for someone else, keep, read, spend, and relax. I think that this is a common struggle for most but it seems to be weighing on me more than normal these days. Maybe it's the economy or maybe my own silly ways. Actually I take that back, it's the kids! Yep, that's it. Those silly kids. Making the mom weary. I wonder if I did this to my mother? That this is some sort of payback. No, couldn't be. It's the dog. You can always blame the dog.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OK. So this was interesting. I randomly chose a picture not knowing what would appear. I decided to write something about it no matter which picture I uploaded. This is Nellie our new dog. I am not necessarily a dog person so its funny that both my old dog Vince and my new dog Nellie found their way to this blog. Nellie is not like Vince. Well I take that back. Vince was a dog. Nellie is a dog. Vince was strong. Nellie is strong. Vince could jump very high. Nellie can jump very high. Vince had hair. So does Nellie. Vince was a little shall we say crazy...Nellie is a little crazy. Vince ate dog food. Nellie eats dog food. My kids loved Vince. My kids love Nellie. I think Vince had a sense of humor and Nellie makes us laugh....But they really have nothing in common.

Monday, February 15, 2010

There once was a man who loved to collect unusual things. Something about stuff no one else wanted or found beautiful caused him great excitement. He marveled at all the cool throwaways that so many of his friends recognized as junk. One day he came upon a most intriguing find. He was so overjoyed that he even had to sit for a while and think about his extraordinary luck. After all it had to be luck that brought him to this special piece. So many thoughts were racing through his mind. What is it worth? How would he pay for it? Who was the first to own it? Where did it come from? How would he get it home? Where would he put it once he got it there? He just sat there thinking, so overwhelmed by the artifact that seemed to beckon him, call his name. It seemed so incredible that he just kept sitting and thinking. Time passed and people passed and before he knew it, night had turned to day, day turned to night and the days turned into weeks. He was so taken by this one object and so undecided on what to do that he just sat. Sat and sat. Then one day he too passed away leaving his find for another collector to marvel at. Yet no one cared to love this treasure as he did. No one else stopped to wonder. No one else understood. And the amazing thing about it is no one else even knew it existed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bryce was walking around on a broken fibula for about 3 months. I am truly not surprised, we all wander through life for months on end waiting to find out what causes the pain. Sometimes we heal and never quite find out where the scar came from. Sometimes the wounds fester and ooze but we have found really good ways of putting on band aids. How often have you visited with friends showing off your scars, comparing stories? And even when you hear their stories, you really can only feel your own pain, that's what we relate to. We can sympathize, love and support our friends but when it comes down to the pain, its only our own we feel. I think now this is why we all suffer pain and sorrow, because that's the only way to know how it feels, but it is also the only way to know how healing feels. And though, at times, I'd rather skip some of the sorrow, the healing is so miraculous, so amazing and so incredibly perfect that I want to show off my scars and rejoice in the power of it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow! Where does time go? How often has that question been asked? Does time really fly on wings of lightning? If you could go back in time, would you? Does Father Time have a wife? If he does can she get things done more efficiently than her husband? If they have children, do they waste time? Is a moment in time sufficient to know someone? How about love them? In the time it takes to thoroughly clean your kitchen does another room in your house get messy? If you spend every waking moment with someone is that too much? Does it depend on the person? How much time, do you suppose, it took that woodchuck to chuck the wood? If there is no end to time and no beginning to time, why do we even keep time? Does your watch keep good time? Do you wear a watch or just use your cell phone? If you wear a watch do you still look at the cell phone for the time? How much tome do you think this took me to write? Do you really want to know? Didn't think so. Have a great day.