Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bryce was walking around on a broken fibula for about 3 months. I am truly not surprised, we all wander through life for months on end waiting to find out what causes the pain. Sometimes we heal and never quite find out where the scar came from. Sometimes the wounds fester and ooze but we have found really good ways of putting on band aids. How often have you visited with friends showing off your scars, comparing stories? And even when you hear their stories, you really can only feel your own pain, that's what we relate to. We can sympathize, love and support our friends but when it comes down to the pain, its only our own we feel. I think now this is why we all suffer pain and sorrow, because that's the only way to know how it feels, but it is also the only way to know how healing feels. And though, at times, I'd rather skip some of the sorrow, the healing is so miraculous, so amazing and so incredibly perfect that I want to show off my scars and rejoice in the power of it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow! Where does time go? How often has that question been asked? Does time really fly on wings of lightning? If you could go back in time, would you? Does Father Time have a wife? If he does can she get things done more efficiently than her husband? If they have children, do they waste time? Is a moment in time sufficient to know someone? How about love them? In the time it takes to thoroughly clean your kitchen does another room in your house get messy? If you spend every waking moment with someone is that too much? Does it depend on the person? How much time, do you suppose, it took that woodchuck to chuck the wood? If there is no end to time and no beginning to time, why do we even keep time? Does your watch keep good time? Do you wear a watch or just use your cell phone? If you wear a watch do you still look at the cell phone for the time? How much tome do you think this took me to write? Do you really want to know? Didn't think so. Have a great day.