Monday, February 15, 2010

There once was a man who loved to collect unusual things. Something about stuff no one else wanted or found beautiful caused him great excitement. He marveled at all the cool throwaways that so many of his friends recognized as junk. One day he came upon a most intriguing find. He was so overjoyed that he even had to sit for a while and think about his extraordinary luck. After all it had to be luck that brought him to this special piece. So many thoughts were racing through his mind. What is it worth? How would he pay for it? Who was the first to own it? Where did it come from? How would he get it home? Where would he put it once he got it there? He just sat there thinking, so overwhelmed by the artifact that seemed to beckon him, call his name. It seemed so incredible that he just kept sitting and thinking. Time passed and people passed and before he knew it, night had turned to day, day turned to night and the days turned into weeks. He was so taken by this one object and so undecided on what to do that he just sat. Sat and sat. Then one day he too passed away leaving his find for another collector to marvel at. Yet no one cared to love this treasure as he did. No one else stopped to wonder. No one else understood. And the amazing thing about it is no one else even knew it existed.